Look for the holes in the Sky…

….. capture and save them on a photo picture ! Hotter temperature today then yesterday. Nearly 30 degrees celsius inside and hotter temperature out as well around 10 degrees in the afternoon …. I had thoughts about that winters where much colder in the past and that is was more natural snow then that lay on ground for more time in the winters, and that this with less snow and hotter climate is a part of what some refer to as global warmening of the atmospehere and air in the sky, and one of the reasons thats been discussed with some holes in the atmosphere, that some ice on glaciers and at poles is melting a little bit faster then in the past. In the past we could read about ice ages in ancient times when there where much more landarea covered with ice in the nordic parts of scandinavia for example. And probably much colder temperature in wider areas. If thoose relations about differences in areas covered with ice are accurate some must have happened related to changes in conditions not caused by humans, amongst other it was before many inventions where invented that has been regarded as being main causes to changes in heat and global warmening for example, but invoked by other factors with changes in nature and environment. And in some sence it must have been much more difficult and hard living conditions back in time for other generations longer back in time, before 1800 th century and much inventions related to electricity and other stuff, though other circumstances is more difficult today though very much development and changed living standards related to improved household environment and equipment for home heath, washing and cleaning possebilities, and improved in many areas as clothes, shoes, food and water conditions related to the past. And I´ve looked for the space but I have not seen any holes where the increased heat would come in from the sun and the space in the air in the sky. But I assume the the space is there though it´s not possibel to see it through some holes in the sky from earth without a space pinocular. And

I have really had some reflections about that thoose theories are very abstract and seems as very hidden more symbolic ideas and persons who are of opinion that there are holes in the sky for real must have difficulties to find physical evidences for their theory. And some scientists have overstated causation and importance of greenhouse gases effect on temperature. Greenhouse gases affect safe quality and constituents of the atmosphere, but it really affects the temperature of the atmosphere? How do you prove such a theory  otherwise than with a hypothetical estimate of emissions by human activities affect the temperature and warming of the atmosphere? If it is the case that it is the earth’s temperature inside it and radiation from the sun’s temperature increased a few degrees which made ​​the temperature in the atmosphere has increased? If it isn´t possible to put the holes in the atmosphere on a photo picture with a virtual sky camera that is !? Which would be real enough if it would be possible to capture them for true on a photo picture instead of painting them in oil …. If it would be possible to study and examine the air more thoroughly and if its content changes in the sky ? And some persons have stated as well that heat and amount of snow for example has not increased and changed that much compared to for 100 years ago for example. Which seems pretty difficult to be of more empirical accurate opinion of for persons that didn´t live for 100 years ago without looking at saved information from earlier measurements. But it seems as it´s become hotter at theese geographical areas in the winters specially now for example then it was for let´s say 30-40 years ago. But maybe the warnings about global warmening and increased heat have other meanings as well for persons to be more precautios when changing content in our surroundings ? ,,,,,, And I´ve thought of where of some i wrote about in an email some time ago, that amongst other reasons of for example that some states that humans have interacted and caused a general warmer temperature with use of factories, engines and other chemical products, that there might be other possible science explanations that it has become an increased heat in the atmosphere that has interpreted as well on a more global warmening, could be that the temperature inside the earth has become warmer, as well as has the sun become hotter with small differences in for example an increased temperature inside the nearest sun that has made the temperature in the sun and the light from it hotter …. which probably would be physical measureable and noticeable on earthly conditions over a timeperiod. But we will probably not experience for a long time a more scientific realistic development of exploration of thoose areas related to global warmening if the temperature has increased inside earth and at the sun. Instead there will be released a comic magazine as well as a fantasy movie about the subject with a fakely scientific professor in the main role that some will have opinion about as being to much of a crazy actor to be for real …..
The other day a couple of days ago a person spoke on a documentary on TV about an idea he had that the speed of the light isn´t constant as some have declared in the past but varies. I´ve also read that it´s subjects that´s being discussed at different webpages, stated to been a subject of discussion amongst different directions at webpages and forums since several years back in time …….. And I thought of what would be reasons for that, if light have different speed, that speed of light varies related to different sources and stars, that are of different intence and have maybe different temperature also travels with different speed ….. If light from different stars and suns also have different speed as well as different temperature for example ?

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