To be an Idiot by profession

If You by occasion might hear that another person have uttered, or if you yourself out of Your own imagination in thought structural formations might be of opinion, that I seems to be some kind of Idiot which humans do have experienced, (in Swedish the word is called Idiot as well), it would truly be a twotruths borrowed falsiefication between languages, different knowledges and geographic bordertrespassing, if such a conception is possible due to the earlier mentioned demand on a truth about something and between languagelogic  and reality. In common mind an idiot has become somewhat else than it was in the past along time ago, when humans started using the word. At least what we are capable to know about ancient times worduse in our conceptions of the past. Languages are old and proofs of the use of them in conjunction with its definitions have changed a lot over time. Mostly humans refer to the word Idiot as a ephitet for a person with less physical capabilities and knowledge, a word often used inconjunction with healthcare and institutions for menthal hospitality, used on a person that has done or seems to be somewhat stupid, lazy, crazy, foolish, without an own will or capability to make wise decisions or choices and so forth. In some litterature the word even seems to be mixed and used with conceptions concerning some humans with particular shape of head or looks. Its a borrowed word from greek language. Greek word is ‘idiothes’, but its spelled different in greek with greek letters, wich in that language in some parts is refered to and defined as a word for privateperson. In what subtile processes that wordtransformation has traveled over time and space from being a meaning for privateperson to another definition, is another complex intricate ambiguous matter. A matter which I will place in a abstract virtual room, for a person by profession with language skills and knowledge by profession in ethymology, and wordscience to explore. If they would come across an answer to that explore that would point to the conclusion that some humans in the past, for real or imagined, where of the opionion that humans in privatelife often act stupid or behave as they have some menthal disorder, and that they would find out that thoose beliefs where done during thoose persons working time, they would probably also come to the conclusion that it would be possible to find out that thoose wordtransformations and changes in conceptions made in the past, weren’t done by some idiots. If its stupid or somewhat else a menthal illness to be private sometime of the day, then that value might be a true falseness. The desire and will to act as more skillfull in profession, are more freuquently today in our time, than it was in the past, and its become harder to be odd, private or obsolete. If that is a need caused by the wordtransformation of the greek word idiothes, or if it was caused by conceptions that believe its to normal and has become to common today than it used to be, to be an idiot, or if it was triggered by some other mysterious hidden subtile causes is also another complex intricate ambiguous matter. Because Im a engineer by profession but some time of the day Im private as well, if I have time and possibility over to spend in some private parts, it would be possible to be an idiot if a person came and visited me. Because in privacy its much more difficult to be private today than it was before, specially when its preferred that work done in private is to be executed by professionals. And because of this very real fictious story I created in these lines in some sparetime, I might call myself an emailwriting Engineer and it was made possible anyway to be an odd Idiot by profession. And it might be a fact that another person without havin met me in real life, or without havin any knowledge about greek language, are of the skillfull opinion that Im a Professional Idiothe.




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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