The Originals that disappeared

In the past, after the printing press was invented (but before the typewriter was invented), there were handwritten originals of written materials that could be saved for later times. At the time when the scriptures were written by hand and published as books. Since the computer was invented, and some word processing are written on the PC, originals have become digital originals consisting of ones and zeros stored on a hard drive instead of the handwritten originals stored in a library (or typed originals since the typewriter was invented). There has been a marked difference in the field against the original before the computer began to be used as media. A hard drive with the original document is certainly saving it too. But a hard drive can fail so that it can not be bootable. And then others won´t get access to the original documents without advanced document recovery procedure. Will people in recent times do research or read the following information as intensely after the original documents from a collection of hard drives that were made in the past in saved documents and books in the libraries of the world? It has been another difficulty that did not exist before; operating system in computers may be password protected for limited access. Some data is encrypted as well. Some may want their records to remain hidden and protected for later times and values the invention of the computer hard drive and its potential as positive. But the difference from before how we treat the original otherwise remains well. Some have probably realized this and has the practical routine to print documents they have written in the computer to a printer or make backup copies of documents on the DVD disc. Some even still writes on typewriter, or prior to that they have not become accustomed to computers and that they realized what I choosed to write about. But unlike the past remain, however, it is not original in the same form as handwritten originals that is printed or stored on computers anymore. There has been a significant complication with the original risk of extinction with hard drives that others do not intend to examine. Have the odds of the original will disappear increased since computers began to be used as a document processor? Although the original could disappear sooner also before computers were invented. It was enough to throw it. I have been involved and experienced that an original has disappeared. A short story I wrote in school with the title ‘Professor Carl Jonsson’ disappeared from a binder I had in our home for more than 20 years later. It was in that binder in the early 2000’s but has since then been lost. But the desire to publish editions of the original has probably been more prevalent in the past than the desire to not publish them. The very invention of the art of writing points to it. There are also changes to the standard in motherboards and connectors for the hard disk has been changed. Will it in the long run to be able to start today’s hard drives with tomorrow’s computers such as ?




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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