About 500 years of change and development

Imagine all the people who lived in history!? Only today there are about 7 billion different people’s point of view and truths. The amount of events that have occurred in the past that people have experienced, that is not documented or talked about. Events such as today is none discussed, forgotten and unknown to most occurring and only have disappeared in the past archives. Before, there was no Internet, computer technology with email, before 1970 and 80’s in a broader basis and to the public. Since it has become more out of it is the marked differences and so has the ability to communicate has increased. A real person! The changes and development that has occured and happened since the last 500 years since year 1515 !? It will be real change and differences in the future, in other generations and times. About 500 years of change and development for example. It is a matter of effort and development. I have not asked for, and I do not need help or support. Have you ever felt real guilt? It seems that you are a little guiltless? ….. Try to discuss issues in a little better and more civilized way.

If you have got an email? You seemed surprised to have received the email? Have you ever asked for forgiveness? ……. If you have asked for forgiveness for something? I thought for what? You do not need to ask me for forgiveness. I do not forgive. I’m not Jesus Christ, and I’m not looking for an identification with him and I do not walk in his footsteps. I walk in my own footsteps. It was Jesus Christ who forgives as described in the Bible that was written over 2000 years ago. I do not want to imitate Jesus Christ. I’m just a shadow of Jesus Christ. Much has happened since then and it is very different today than before, and you may have thought and thought that I look like Jesus Christ? If that’s why you might have asked for forgiveness? Talk about why you should not ask for forgiveness. Stop asking for forgiveness. Become an revealer instead. ……. Do not worry if you have me confused with Jesus Christ. You are not alone. I’ve been through stuff like that before. It’s hard sometimes to keep track of all the amount of information and impressions …. Think of abolishing the cruel death penalty and cruel punishment and torture methods as a question of development in society. To stop cruel experiments with real people …. In the future, later, when the changes will be made in other centuries in 500 years for example, those superficial notions of psychopathic, paranoid, schizophrenic, and other concepts in psychology and concepts in psychiatry will be valued on the same way as some today interpret the concepts of vampire, witch, werewolf, the devil, angels, demons and much more …. ie, as products of an imaginary fantasy phenomenon. The concepts that were part of a pregreecefying of the Nations. The terms will vanish in key public common senses. I think it applies to the concept and some wallowing in and around as concepts of criminal, stalker, pedophile, celebrity and stars as well. It’s best to admit a person to see or recognize a name or something that is or has been made. It gluttonies really in a clear way today in terms of criminal, celebrity or star. Does real people go around calling themselves a criminal? In what order in such case, as a professional identity? Can you work it? Who hires a person for the purpose of really, really happens there? Some call other criminals in the absence of real name or identity, or because they do not want to mention them by their real names. Because of what they imagine that they would have done. Or out of security reasons. There are many websites dedicated to a supranational who revel in others’ lives and relationships. Regarded they it as a job like other jobs to be a writer in a celebrity magazine? A branch of journalism that have increased in number than before. I wonder where the concept of criminal came from? How has such epithets emerged among scientists and others who are journalists and people working in the judiciary as today ? In some books from early 1900 century with pictures of the types of criminal appearances existed at the library to borrow. ie, people who felt that some appearances and shape of head and face were typical of people who were called criminals, some with a special type of shape on the head and face. One prevailing view seems to be spread, by some journalists who use it as an example, but people are not born to it. Not a single real person chooses who they are born. Though it seems that some had that attitude in the past to argue that it was hereditary ….. I think that’s what people involved in the eugenics studies was trying to say. For those who have engaged in racial studies, a true role and significance of today, they have influenced several generations of people who embraced that kind of beliefs about other people? That it would be a certain kind of people since birth are criminals in part because of a certain kind of appearance? It seems to be an unqualified human beings who belong to other centuries and the early 1900’s. A spread of mankind, who take too large a role in later generations. But it will eventually change and disappear from public consciousness, and only remain as a relic from another century. An illusion and fantasy. But as a property? It is not essential that it is a property. who are they? ….. Why would you do the same thing as some others? I do not imitate others. It affects and it is about real people.

what does it come from? Some people like to go for a completely arbitrary? Eg a confidential designation of others as a risk and danger in the community!? Those who imagined that these people should be corrected before they fancied going to happen. A jealous guarding of other people. Those who carry with them experiences from other contexts, they project to completely different people. People who have difficulty distinguishing between their fantasies and reality? A merger with other factors, such as all of the films produced with the same outlook on people, including quite a few doses of violence. empirical views based on other events in the past?




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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