An eternal lifelong desire …

….. for something not to be over. Eternity a concept that is now associated with a very romantic and innocent thoughts about relationships and marriage. A feast of couple romance and a longing for unity and to be forever along with several others in a group of community and to never again have to be alone. A longing for remembrance. But what did a concept of eternity in the past to those who lived in other centuries? How have people’s beliefs about eternity changed today compared to before? Has the value and importance of the concept have changed in recent times by how they perceived it in the past? Eternity is a very old concept from earlier times which is described in several texts in many different cultures. There are also those who wrote and warned against the desire for eternity. Longing for eternity as a danger not to engage in the minds and human dimensions measured. The desire for eternal life as a symbol of something divine and the aspirations of people demonstrated in construction of buildings as the Tower of Babel, the pyramids and other stone temples and churches. A perpetual longing to create something that can not cease. In greece associated with concepts aion, an eon an extremely long period of time. But where did notions of an eternity come from ? How did the ideas arise from the beginning? And at what time? Thoose that looked out to space and tried to imagine how long time there could be. God painted as a being who has eternal life and will live forever. Others have of late tried to kill God, and proclaimed that God is dead. Urgod the first god., A being that existed long ago that was called God by others, or called himself God. A being that others referred to as a mediator of creation, principles, and creator of words, texts, and some rules. In the bible cartoon as an animal of some kind. What happened to the first ur God out of and what happened to God? Later, it formed concepts that led to the second signed by the other gods as well. Created for the god’s image to emulate and resemble the first God. The own gods with their different functions and its own styles. The gods as beings that are immortal and have eternal life. Or, as some of them are doomed to endless death. What does eternity mean in practice? This is a very long time. An infinite amount of time that exceeds all conceptions offense in the universe. But recent discoveries of worlds, planets and the universe has allowed conclusions on life to have changed. Today has been drawn conclusion that the closest the sun will burn out someday, and that the earth is doomed to die, and that it will mean that all physical life on earth with water, atmosphere will evaporate and disappear when the sun stops shining. What remains is a stone dead soil without sollyse, water and living life with stone-dead temples, churches, stone buildings and statues standing in an atmosphere of loose life sailing the globe for the right in a vacuum emphasized space, with another eternity than they knew once time. At the time when a lot of scientific discoveries relating to planets, galaxies, and universe size as today’s detected but it was not yet made in the past. They had other ideas about the world, the planets and the universe at the time when a concept of eternity began to spread. Now think a part not only that God created the world, but that God also created the worlds, the planets and the universe and was the person who initiated the Big Bang that started it all. In ancient Greece the concept of eternity and eon, a phenomenon that was described in the Bible. But if there are those who have eternal life, what happens to those who are dead or have died young? Those who died when they where young. Could it also be those who are eternally dead!? Does not they get old ones also in some respect? They left the well. And if all life and the earth is doomed, what happens to the ideas of Jesus Christ will return and judge the living and the dead? What happens to the Day of Judgment? If it is done at the moment the atmosphere will disappear from the earth and people stop breathing the air that today there are encircled around the globe? Those already convicted in the earthly life, what happens to them, may they be sentenced again of Jesus Christ? Can we say that those who today condemn has taken over Jesus Christ and his role in the judge of the living and the dead from the past? At what point will the world be without the atmosphere? How long will the sun the closest star shine? When will the ATMOSPHERE around the earth diseappear? In 5000 years? 10 million years? 100 millions year ? 10 billions year ?  But if people have time to go to space before it? There is immense distances in space to other stars and planetary systems. And this feat to get out in space to a habitable planet with atmosphere is one of people’s greatest challenge they will face. Will people in the future when space travel has become safer and faster with hitherto not developed technology to be able to travel the immense distance that it is in space? If not the earth dies before the people have come out into space and find another planet to live on, And not a single human being will observe the stone images of dead rock that are preserved on Earth. Stone is the loneliest of them all. And has only companion of God. But if the universe has an end and one day will end what happens to the time span of eternity as they once knew it? This is about new reality contexts. A changed view of the world, planets, stars, cosmos, the universe and eternity. For later generations. The universwide range with a more nuanced view of existence. God’s remembrance of everything, in godsremeberance of this place and all the events that took place. What’s beyond the universe?. Beyond the Universe begins eternity. And it´s far away from us. Though nothing human is forever, but the divine image of humans are. And eternity can never end.




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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