Death sentence of Lars Lucidor

May it possible to kill and kill a man who lived in another century? Can you kill a fictional character in a book? An idea about a writer who in his book, kills his own literary character. For example Lasse Lucidor who was killed by Lieutenant Storm in 1674. Who may be considered to have becomed a character in a book. But that person is remembered for something of their own? Is it possible to put an end to a man’s time on earth? And a person gets forgotten because of others’ arbitrary opinions? What would his survivors think about that? Those who managed the work and memory of a man who once lived and walked upon the earth. Can a remembrance of a person still remain down a death sentence if he is pronounced? How long will this person work leave to remain? Is it possible to kill a man who was killed himself a second time later in a different century? ”I’m going to kill Lars Lucidor” … an impossible thought that goes to state but not put into practice. He lived in the 1600’s, the century which we do not have further contact with any other way than what is left record of it. Though people fantasized about being able to perform great deeds and heroic exploits by traveling back in time with a time machine and fix a despotic dictator or another person they considered themselves to have a right to sit in judgment on the event. To hoped to have changed the world the way it once was. Lars Lucidor can be sure where his remains are resting in the soil. He can not be killed again. Long Live Lars Lucidor. A human being can only die once for real in his or her life. I miss a movie about Lasse Lucidor.




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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