The unknown Data Saboteur

Reveal Data Sabotage ! When will the unknown data saboteur being revealed? The person who calls himself ‘unknown’. And the real name will be known of the person ? The person and the computer specialist who swept through the internet for years daily at different times of sabotaging other people’s computers. The person who has named their computer to computer name ‘unknown’ in the emails the person has sent in 3 thousands to me with computer viruses and spoofing false fake identity. The person has also used my identity, and sent a lots of emails to me with my identity and email address in both transmitter and receiver, but sent to me from another mail server and computer. This revengeful data saboteur, that without joking has sabotaged the file system on my computer!?  !? The hard drives the person has crashed by hacking through the internet,  and my computer has for years crashed 2-3 times per day to NT blue screen dump, probably carried out remotely from the Internet by another person, which ended when I switched OS from Windows XP to Windows 7, if microsoft reshaped functions in their op system?, and the traces left behind in the form of sabotage and unreadable file system, and placed an added a directory named ‘unknown’, printed and created from the Internet on my hard drive filled with thousands of images that are not mine. Images of portraits of people, kitchen areas, food, flowers, nature photos on land and sea, portraits of people and vehicles, etc.  and the traces the person has left behind in the form of sabotage and unreadable file system and an additional directory created on my hardrive from outside internet named ‘unknown’ filled with thousands of images. What price will that person get? It’s hard to believe that the person will win the nobelprize. But wishes that person to be revealed? If this is a person who longs to be known for data sabotage ? In what geographic country has this person been sitting at a computer and doing cross-border sabotage on computers of other persons ?




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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