About the word forgive’s ambiguity

In the Swedish translation of the Bible is called Jesus Christ’s personal moral code that all sin is förlåten, with the word förlåta. In the English version of the Bible called the ‘all sin is forgiven’, with the word forgive. A word that does not exist in the same manner used in the Swedish version of the Bible in the English language as in the Swedish language. Translated from English to Swedish named word in the English version Forgive and forgiven. Give away something in advance. While forgiveness has an entirely different meaning in the Swedish version, namely drawing a förhäng (one för låt) and cover the event occurring. What is the difference between different language translation of the Bible had on the development and relationships of all time among those who used the code? A gigantic area given that Bible translation to Swedish example has been around long enough that more than 700 years. It has formed the cultural differences between English-speaking and Swedish people who read the Bible? What is the name and the word that Jesus uses for pardon or forgiveness in other languages such as Latin (dimitte), Greek (συγχωρώ – synchoró), Hebrew (לסלוח), arrmeniska (ներել – nerel), Aramaic (shbag – שובקנא – Shovaqana), Russian (прощать – proshchat ‘) etc.. ? There are similar differences in meaning between different languages, word usage among second language translations of the Bible as between English and Swedish? And what did and used Jesus Christ to the words in the original claim? What did he mean in more detail with its claim for forgiveness of sins? It is a breathtaking thought that surely been people throughout history, if they followed and identified himself with the assertion that read this in another language than the original language and misinterpreted and made incorrect decisions in relation to what Jesus Christ really literally meant by his assertion forgiveness of all sin, because of various literal meanings in different language translations.




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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