About the word never

Never, as it is now called in Swedish, is believed to be an ancient Swedish word, or possibly Old Norse, if you talk about a language in relation to geographical ties in the past. Stray, altered in any time and developed from the Old Swedish, as before in Old Swedish name ‘aldrigh’ ‘aldri’ ‘ne aldrigi’, which roughly translates as ‘in no time’.,.

If one looks up the corresponding words in other languages in the language dictionary example, one finds the following translations of our time: The English called it ‘never’; In French, ‘jamais’; In Finnish ‘e koskaan’; In German, ‘nie’ or ‘niemals’; In Farsi ‘حاشا’; In Greek, ‘ΟΥΔΈΠΟΤΕ’; In Hebrew ‘םלועמ’; In Indonesian ‘ceilings pernah’; In Japanese, ‘一つ度も’; In Persian ‘hargez’; In Arabic ‘مطلقا’; In Yiddish ‘Kein Mol Nit’. In Russian ‘НИ РАЗУ’. At Maori ‘E kore ano’ and so on.,.,.

This is 15 pcs different words that 15 languages have for a similar concept … If you are looking forward perhaps to eventually in some time, come to any of the approximately 6800 languages you have knowledge of the world, some less used today second more, which lacks a word for the word that the Swedish name is never.,.,.,.




Om Taleptox

This is from Taleptox and some Oddified Writings / Uddafierade skrifter
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